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On Their Way UP!

… with their new digital skills from Career Campus

Digital Skills for Graduates and Unemployed Youth

Tap into the energy and potential of 1.2 million graduates and a further 6 million young South Africans* who can’t find jobs.
*statssa.gov Q1 2021

When Tech Eats Your Time

Because you don’t know better

Be ready for what’s next...

Advance your business and your people with an IT learning solution partner that has impact in its names

Capability Academy

Bridging the gap between what IT needs and what HR must do
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Impactful Specialist Solutions (Impactful) is a specialist IT training company owned by the LRMG Group, formed through the acquisition of Altron Group.
Organisations who trust in us

An Impactful Partner

Compelled as social citizens wanting to enable change, we empower advancement for you and your people with the right in-demand skills and IT talent development. In doing both, we uplift both, equipping you and your people for a rapidly changing world and in a way that’s needed most.

A step up with IT skills development

As a partner in change, we can help you go beyond filling a gap in your business to realising future talent that’s ready to make a meaningful contribution to the future.

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Get ahead and improve what you’re capable of

Scale the right IT skills with a vehicle for continuous learning that combines technical and behavioural, as the cornerstones of IT talent.

Empower youth for maximum impact

Elevate our youth’s futures through skills development, empowering them for boundless opportunities and progress.



With Impactful, potential and progress come together

At Impactful Solution Specialists, we understand that highly-skilled talent can the progress that’s so desperately needed. Which is why we work closely with you to build the right skills, enable the right digital transformation and empower your people – and your business – to be prepared for what comes next in a world that’s always changing.

By creating progress, we create the biggest impact.

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Learning, to the power of LRMG

Impactful is a part of LRMG, the continent’s leader in growth and development. For over 25 years, LRMG has innovated digital learning and transformation with the continent’s leading tertiary institutions and course curricula.

Impacting customers

This is why we do what we do!

Get ahead with your IT and Digital Talent development

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